Cold Fire by Kate Elliot

    For my first review, I didn’t really choose to do Cold Fire, but it was what I was reading that was current.  I’ve been trying to think of a good way to write about it and decided it is better to just write and see what the readers that my review needed or lacked. So here it goes..
    Cold Fire follows the continuing story of Kat and Beatrice as their world gets ever darker and more complex. Kat goes through a series of swift, life-changing events and emotions that permeate the story. Kat is like any girl her age: she does stupid stuff. I like to think that in this book she does mature through her mistakes though still remains a little naive, which is strange considering how stubborn and intellectual she is. However, for me, this makes her character easier to relate to. Beatrice isn’t featured in this book as much, but still more than the first one in my opinion. She is also naive, but more politically and I love her quick tongue. I hope she plays an even bigger part in the next book.
     It differs greatly from the first book, Cold Magic, in that it is much more fast paced and fraught with politics. The setting is opened up by the cousins traveling and Elliot does a wonderful job of setting the scene. Elliot also offers up a new kind of magic and zombies. It seems like everyone loves zombies these days, but I guess whatever sells. Elliot also introduces new characters that are realistic, interesting and entertaining i.e. Camjiata, a general who wants desperately to become emperor with Marxist views. Overall it is a great read, presenting slightly steampunk (but that isn’t focused upon), fantasy with a realistic heroine who makes mistakes.If you, like steampunk, zombies, British Mythology, and romance, this book is definitely for you.
    I will probably edit this as I’ve probably forgotten something and it seems too short to do the book justice, but please make suggestions so that I might better review and share with you the books I feel you should or shouldn’t read.

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