The Fire Chronicle by John Stephens (And an introduction to my blog)

I know I always seem do work on the second or third book and that is bad, but maybe just maybe it will encourage you to read the first book. Also, there are no spoilers in my reviews. So you can celebrate that. In case you are new (which you probably are since I just imported this from Blogger), I am Molly Write. I love books more than I love air. And considering air is what is traditionally supposed to keep you alive, I love book a lot. I mainly deal in the genre of fantasy, but I am open to any genre. So if you would like me to review a book, please don’t hesitate to ask. Unless it’s a gossip girl book (even though the author of The Fire Chronicle produced some of the show). I won’t be reading those. I tend to be concise, but will provide more detail if prodded. Anyways, let’s get these pages turning!

Pretty nice cover I think. Even though it’s not really exact to the scene in the book. Not that I am picky or anything.
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I got started reading this series, because my little brother asked me to find a book for him (as I am notorious for my recommendations). I picked out a few and then he picked out this one and another. He couldn’t decide which he would rather have, and I had already decided the one I wanted him to get, but I said, “Read the first page of each book, and then decide”. So he did, and apparently the first one was decent or I wouldn’t be writing a review on the second one.

The first book was heartfelt, but a bit slow with the action as it was building the characters. To give you an overall plot, there are three siblings, Kate, Michael, and Emma, who are stuck mysteriously transferring from orphanage to orphanage. Kate is the steadfast oldest child who cares for nothing more than she does her family. Michael is a middle child with obsession with dwarves, and overall is a little nerd. Emma is the tough youngest child who would be considered a mischief maker and tomboy to most. Between the three characters, we have a bit of every stereotypical hero. There’s magic, mystery, and as with all good children’s epics, a prophesy.

The Fire Chronicle, thank goodness, is set at a faster pace than its predecessor. The story had been built in the first book, and now we get to the adventure. The characters have matured, and perhaps because of that, have become more complex. We also see new characters shaping the story, and they are wonderful, because they add layers, complications, emotions. There also plot twists which are always fun, and I have to say that I didn’t see this one coming at first. The children don’t blindly trust adults except once, and I think that is good (after all, stranger danger!). They also have tough decisions, and I believe that most adults don’t think that children ever have tough decisions, but they do. This is a children’s book, and these characters are some that the children can look up to, aspire to be. However, they are realistic as I said with complex emotions.

To end, I have to say that I would recommend this book. Some might have trouble with the first one, but persevere! I would also have siblings read it together, or read it to them. There’s a love between siblings that you can’t understand if you don’t have them, but also sometimes it needs to grow. If you are an adult, why not read this? We should have learned from Harry Potter that children’s books can be smart, complex, and funny. I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have anything you’d like me to read and review, please let me know!

You can buy the books here or just learn more about them:

The Emerald Atlas at Amazon

The Fire Chronicle at Amazon

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