Beautiful Danger by Michele Hauf

Beautiful Danger

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I entered myself in a book giveaway and was rewarded when Michele Hauf asked me to review her book. This was my first assignment and I was super excited, but life, as it does sometimes, got in my way. However, I’m back now and raring to review!

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when Michele Hauf sent me her book and I saw it a Harlequin Nocturne book. I hadn’t read a romance or vampire book since high school after Twilight became popular, and ruined the vampire genre from me. I’m not going to hate on Twilight as a lot of people do, but I will say that I have loved vampires since reading a collection of southern vampire stories in fourth grade. As many people probably do, I guess I felt a connection to vampires, because I have always felt like an outsider, and for vampires to be popular just seemed wrong. Anyways, enough ranting and more reviewing!

Beautiful Danger is the story of two unlikely characters falling in love. I question the names of the characters, but hey, it is romance novel. People (teens and house wives) want something different, exotic. Lark is an almost relatable character who started out as the average woman but, after a tragedy, trains to be a vampire hunter with the Order of the Stake. (This name bothers me so bad, but I had to move past it.) She becomes a bad ass, and as such is sent to kill Domingos LaRoque.

Domingos is hot–  a hot mad hatter. In fact, as I was reading and thinking of how to describe Domingos, Hauf actually referenced Alice in Wonderland. He’s lovable, and though a vampire, acts like a puppy at times. He does have is bad boy psycho side though as he was tortured by the werewolves, and now hears horrible music and spooky whispers which he treats with banging his head on whatever is closest.

The beginning of the book is a bit weak, but I get the feeling Michele Hauf is either being dumbed down or has great potential. I believe that if she chose to break out of the romance genre she would succeed or continue to become as popular as Sherrilyn Kenyon. There are some editorial mistakes and repetition of word choice, but overall the story is interesting. This makes for a good light read, perfect for the beach or poolside! Beautiful Danger will be available July 2, 2013. If you would like more information on Michele Hauf check out her website at or look for her on Facebook. Also, if you have a book for me to review, please contact me here or through my newly connected Twitter account.

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