Deep Echoes by Sean P. Wallace


It’s been so long since I’ve done a review! I’m going to the bad place for bloggers. Though I have to defend myself, I have been working, going to school, and planning a wedding. I’m done with at least one of those things and now I’m a Mrs. Blogger instead of a Miss. Hopefully that means less stress and more reviews, but I can’t promise much, I have a great deal of school work that unfortunately takes precedence.  Anyways, let’s get down to business. I read this really great free book called Deep Echoes by Sean P. Wallace. Though his book cover design needs an upgrade (or me, I love designing things), his book is pretty awesome (and free!)

To be honest, I was really worried about reading a self-published, free book. But I really needed the experience and decided to just power through it. To give you a basic idea of what the book is about (it has many levels), it is a young adult dystopian science fiction e-book  with feminist undertones. Sounds complicated, right?  Here’s the synopsis from the author’s website:

Heresy. A word to slander. A word to destroy lives.
The root of the word heresy is choice; the wrong choice. And the world of Geos wholeheartedly believes that Maya has made the wrong choice when she decides not to take up her role as a Contegon – a religious warrior – and instead flee. Her flight causes trouble to her best friend Chain and Snow, a teenager who Maya uses as part of her escape. They have to deal with the fallout from Maya’s heresy but soon, with the balance of a centuries-long war tipping against Geos, they will have much more to contend with…

In the world Wallace creates, the people have been fooled into believing that their god is named Sol, a god based around the sun. The entire culture rotates around their belief system, and the main character is the equivalent of a “warrior of god” called a Contegon. Contegons are only women, and they have a great amount of power in their society. I was impressed by the world building in this book, and reminded of Sharon Shinn’s Samaria with the mixture of sci-fi and religion.

My Critiques:

The characters are interesting, but I’m not sure they are well-developed. In some parts it seems like Wallace rushes the relationships and characters’ development in order to push the plot. He’s sacrificing some really great characters too. Their voices (the dialogue) seems to change and doesn’t quite fit as if Wallace is speaking in the voice of another character or perhaps his own voice.

Also, sometimes the way events are described can be a bit melodramatic, and did not really fit the scene. That being said, Wallace does describe most things very eloquently, and uses words that probably should be in a novel for adults, though it could just be a culture difference. I did get sick of the word “acquiesce” though.

My Praise:

I know I critiqued quite a bit, but that’s only because I think that Wallace is a great writer, but he has even greater potential. The best thing about this book is its superbly interesting plot. Every time you think you have everything figured out, you reach another layer. Also, there’s a vast variety of characters, and Wallace makes the younger ones have depth, that not all young adult writers cover.

My favorite character to love and hate is Wasp. You’ll understand why if you read it. This brings me to the other interesting thing about this book. With the exception of Maya, all the names aren’t really names. Maya’s friend is Chain and then there’s Snow and Scar and Pitch and Wire. I feel like the reasoning will eventually be revealed, but who knows? Maybe it just adds a little interest to the names. But it leaves you to wonder why is Maya not named like the others.

Another things I love about this book is how the Contegons are called “sire” and have basically the highest military positions. He makes his female characters strong and his male characters weak. I think the world needs that. It’s not necessarily negative when the males show weakness, if anything it’s freedom from the three degrees of emotion society thinks men should have. Though I could just be letting my feminist show.

Overall, this is a great book, and I look forward to reading the next installment! I strongly suggest this book for fantasy/sci-fi lovers!

You can find this book below:

Deep Echoes on

Don’t forget it’s free! Also, you can find Sean P. Wallace on Twitter with me!

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