Freelancing Myself

So, if you’ve read my “about” page you’ll notice I don’t just read; I also love to write! I know it doesn’t seem like I can produce anything other than almost funny reviews about1288805110026_107242 fantasy books, but as it happens I can write pretty much anything. Now here I am putting myself out there, hoping to earn a little bit more book money.

If you’d like to help me put out more book reviews and get something awesome in return, please let me know. I LOVE new media, working with photoshop, etc. I actually designed the poster for the English graduate conference at my university. Yes, I know it’s unlike me to shamelessly promote myself, but I want to go to that mythical place called graduate school. If you need anything from a guest blogger to poster design to contemporary poetry, please let me know. My dream is to design book covers.. hint..hint.

Or you could always make a wonderful donation for a book review, though you might want to check out my book review policy. Just because you donate, doesn’t mean I’m going to promote your book like I’m doing myself right now.

However, just because I feel bad about all the publicity I’m giving myself, here’s a link to an awesome site to help you find jobs as a freelance writer:

Freelance Writing Jobs and Tips

Anyways, to those of you trying to freelance– I feel you. And to those of you who are looking at me with disdain, I promise I’ll get back to reviewing soon.

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