Four Awesome Magic Systems

No book in the fantasy genre is complete without a good magic system in my opinion, though books like LoTR don’t really apply (or where there isn’t really a magic system just godly interference).  We all have our favorites, and maybe even some of us, not me, like the classics. However, we’re here today to discuss the most interesting. I’m just going to do books I have read, and though I’ve read hundreds maybe even thousands of books, I haven’t read them all (nor do I remember all of them). So here are a few of my favorites which I refuse to number:

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

51E+7V-PDyLIn this magic system, there are several ways to gain power and only certain people can use certain powers (unless, of course, you’re a mistborn). One way is to swallow some metal, which sounds like these people have a bad case of pica. This is called Allomancy and is super cool. Swallowing different metals gives you different powers such as the ability to soothe emotions or become super strong. Some metals are “mental” and some are “physical”. There’s also super metals, but unless you’ve read the books I don’t want to give away what they are.

There’s also Feruchemy which allows people to store physical or mental properties such as memory or strength in pieces of metal called “metalminds”. However, they have to store it and then they can tap into it, which means if they want to save up strength that they have to be weaker than usual. There’s one more type of “magic” in the Mistborn series, but you’ll have to read them to find out what it is!

Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix

I’m going back a little ways for this series, but I think it definitely needs to be mentioned. This series was one of my favoritindexes in middle school and high school (and still is). In the Abhorsen trilogy, the magic used by the main character is an interesting form of necromancy. And what is needed to perform this necromancy are a set of bells. The Abhorsen is a title which is passed down along with the ability to practice this magic that is caught between the dark and the light magic (Charter Magic and Free Magic). This trilogy as well as its prequel, Sabriel, is amazing! I would definitely suggest this to pretty much anyone who loves dark fantasy.

Lightbringer Series by Weeks_Black-Prism-TPBrent Weeks

I could profess my love for this series a thousand times and never have professed it enough. I have a huge crush on Brent and his awesome magic system of colors. How cool is that. Okay, it might not seem cool at first (unless you’re an uber nerd). But I’m serious.. colors as magic is awesome! How it works is that the magic workers (for lack of brain at the moment) are called Drafters, they can make things out of color. Most can only draft from one color and make “luxin” out of color. Luxin is the physical form of color which can have different attributes (liquid, sticky, solid, dense, etc.) The awesome person who can make things out of all the colors is the “Prism”. If my tone has changed, it’s because I love these books so much. This magic system is pretty complex so to find out more read the books!

Graceling by Kristin Cashoregraceling

One of the best YA fantasy I’ve read would have to be Graceling. The magic is crazy, because you can have crazy powers such as being able to cook the best tasting mashed potatoes every time. In this book and its companions, the characters have “graces” which are basically abilities which make them amazingly good at one thing. Of course, this means that kings and such have gracelings as their servants, so they can have the best polished silverware and the best donuts all the time. Sometimes these are relevant to personality, but not always. It’s a interesting read.

6 thoughts on “Four Awesome Magic Systems

  1. The magic system in The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is astounding. It’s pretty scientific, but it works amazingly. I think it might be heavily drawing from A Wizard of Earthsea, but I haven’t read that in a while.

    Anyhoo. Cool topic, solid post!

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