Will YA Make Fantasy Popular?

Fantasy is alYA_Booksready popular enough for me, but I have been pondering this question lately. We suddenly have, at least, a couple of generations that have been reading dystopian, whatever you’d classify books about angels, and alas, vampire books. There was, of course, the Harry Potter generation. However, I’m not sure that I’ve seen a great deal of change in the “popular” books aside from that. Now though, there’s Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, Divergent, Vampire Academy,  all with movies coming out. I know of several adults and teenagers reading these books and wanting more.

In case you don’t know, I love Rick Riordan and Percy Jackson. I also have a younger brother who recently turned fifteen. He is wonderful; but I digress. He started with the books by Riordan then started Hunger Games, and now wants to read Mortal Instruments. He has also been reading other, less mainstream fantasy books from the kids’ section. I have noticed that his friends are also reading these books, and talking about them.

Now, this could be because I converted my brother at an early age and made him into “one of us”, or it could be that these books are actually gaining in popularity. I almost hope they are, but then I worry that there will too many Twilight versions of my favorite genre, though the movie version of Ender’s Game gives me immense hope. Anyways, I hoping I’ll start posting more often, but I want to hear from my readers. So, have a poll:

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