The Waking Dreamer by J.E. Alexander


I really didn’t think I was going to make this post. I woke up Sunday morning and the door to my apartment was wide open and my cat was missing. I’m an absolute fool for my cat, Binx. He is my baby. He was gone for about a day and a half and then I found him. He was in the roof of one of my neighbor’s houses, and I got to pull him out. Anyways, my story had a happy ending so I’m able to post about this book for all of you. This book has a very interesting concept which you’ll find below:

Seventeen-year-old orphan Emmett Brennan remembers nothing of his past—not the boiler room in which his needle-ravaged mother gave birth to him, nor the Druids who tenderly delivered him. He can’t remember the cabal-summoned Revenant that clawed itself from shadow to hunt him, or why his mystical midwives hid him from the necromantic creature. Approaching adulthood, he is unaware of the dark forces that still search for him or the mysterious sentinels who secretly protect him, but on the eve of his eighteenth birthday that will change. The Revenants will find him. Only the young woman from his dreams can help him confront all he was once made to forget. Together, they will brave the nightmarish landscape Emmett’s waking world will soon become. ~Find more on Goodreads.

First of all, this is obviously a young adult book, so I tried to give it some leeway. So let’s start with the good. It has a beautiful, entrancing cover. It has an interesting idea for magic in which there are Druids and Bards. And that’s pretty much where the good stops. It wasn’t badly written, but there were many references that unless you are a movie buff like me, you won’t get. That’s not always a problem. However, instantaneous love is. This guy just falls in love with this girl on sight. This is a teenage guy, and no offense to any wonderfully sensitive males, but it would make more sense if he just started staring at her boobs.

Also, there is so much death! And for a guy not used to death, the main character handles it too well. And everyone is entirely too beautiful. This might as well be set in another world/romance novel. I love dark worlds and dark stories, but you have to back them up with equally dark/cynical characters.  And like this post, the book seems to just run, not explaining much of anything. I understand they are on the run from the evil stuff, but come on, give us a period of stasis. I need character development! And don’t bring something up in the middle of the book only to never glance back at it again!

Needless to say, this book felt like I was reading a well written first draft. Now I need to read the final draft please. However, this is just my opinion and maybe I was in the wrong frame of mind to read this, but I really feel like this book can be better and that the writer is better than this. So, I will see you Friday/Saturday, hope this review hasn’t been too much of a rant!

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