Ink Mage by Victor Gischler (Review)

18404980I’m so sorry I haven’t posted more. I have been tied up with headaches and schoolwork and work-work. I will make it up to you when I graduate and have too much free time on hands. Anyways, this book was completely different than what I thought it would be when I saw it’s title, which isn’t bad. I was hoping that the magic had to do with the written word instead of tattoos, but I still enjoyed the magic, which I will talk about more later for now read about the book:

The city of Klaar has never fallen. No enemy has ever made it across the Long Bridge or penetrated the city’s mighty walls. Even when a powerful invading army shows up at the gates, the duke and his daughter, Rina Veraiin, are certain that it poses little threat.

But they are cruelly betrayed from within and, in a horrific spasm of violence, the city is brought to its knees.With the help of her bodyguard, Kork, the battle-trained young Rina narrowly escapes the slaughter and makes her way to the lair of an ancient sorcerer—the Ink Mage—who gifts her with a strange, beautiful set of magical tattoos.

Now a duchess in exile, Rina sets out on a quest to reclaim what is rightfully hers, aided by a motley assortment of followers who will help her in her cause—some for noble reasons and others for their own dark purposes.With the enemy’s agents nipping at her heels, Rina must learn to harness her new and startling magical powers if she is to assert her rightful place as ruler of Klaar.

  • First of all this was a Kindle Serial; I purchased it as a full book, because I don’t like waiting. I want to get the bad out of the way because I did enjoy this book as a formulaic type of fantasy. Sometimes you want to read what you know and not get thrown all over the place. Anyways, so here are the problems I had with it:
  • The first thing is the main character is too typical/beautiful princess-type. She has the typical pale skin and the typical raven tresses.
  • The enemy is based off of ancient Asian culture, and personally I want to see a change where the European-esque countries are the bad guys.
  • Lastly, in the middle, it got fan-servicey. I don’t mind that much, but it didn’t really have a point. It seemed pushed just to be there. I enjoy fan service as much as the next person, but it came off as haphazard.

And now for the good things (and still with bullets ’cause they look nice):

  • The main character has tattoos all over her body, therefore mixing up her typical princess look. And each tattoo represented a different power that has to be “installed” by a different wizard/mage. I feel like this could be expanded in the sequel.
  • The range of characters was interesting; from gypsy girl to deserting soldier. The soldier has to be one of my favorites, because he is kind of a coward, but he has strength when it comes to protecting those he loves.
  • I loved the pacing in this book. Gischler does a great job using time lapses, and makes the pace smooth and easy to read.
  • The violence! Yay for bloodshed! I don’t know about you, but I love a good gory scene in books.
  • The fan-service.

Overall, it was a good, quick read (though coming from someone who read the last Harry Potter book in 4 hours, I’m not sure how quick it is for the average reader). I would say if you are lucky enough to be at the beach, it’s worth a read. I also think I read something about the author writing thrillers, which you will see in his writing style. So, hey, if you want to cross over from the thriller side, you might want to try transitioning with this (but I’d probably suggest something darker). Hopefully, my next review will be a little more in-depth if I have time. (I’m going to be reviewing sci-fi for the first time in a long time!) So stay tuned and happy reading!

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