Southwind Knights by B.E. Priest

21522632 (1)A while back, I was followed by a guy on WordPress who was in the process of publishing a novella. I kindly offered my services as a blogger in order to read his book. I though his own blog, I Wish I Can Fli, was funny and informative, so I have to admit I thought his novella would be much the same style. So, here’s what it’s about:

In an age when people lived off the land and the Wild was still wild—when a young Queen warmed the throne and her Bulwark Knights patrolled the unruly borders—the edge of civilization was a place where dreams went to die.

Welcome to Southwind.

Asher’s best friend has been poisoned.

He has three days to live.

The only cure: a unicorn horn.

The only place to find one:

Dragoncliff Cove, where none dare go.

I have to admit starting the book was difficult. I wasn’t into it; I could see the formula passed down from ages of the boy who finds out he’s special and goes on a grand adventure. I had to put it down, but then I picked it back up. It wasn’t hard after that. I don’t exactly like the main character, Asher. Maybe it’s that whole pure-hearted thing he has going on. However, then he introduced the healer, Galen, and the jerkface Victor. I found them to be complex and entertaining, though Victor, of course was fun to hate.

From the point that the conflict was introduced, it was an easy read. It became dark and actually, pretty bloody. It took it’s first steps toward a greater story, a larger plot. It was pretty much like the first chapter, (not a first draft). I still don’t know how I feel about Asher; I guess I’m hoping that he will develop more in the next book (yes, there’s another one).

It leaves you with many questions and just a few glimpses into the world, but if there’s one thing I can say about this book, I don’t think there was a single comma out of place. It was extremely well written, and even big publishers will miss a few typos. It’s impressive to say the least.

So, I would recommend this to blooming fantasy lovers, who need a taste of something bordering on the dark. It is an extremely light read; once I got started I think the overall time I spent on it was like an hour. So, might as well give it a try!

You can buy it here:

Southwind Knights Publisher Website

8 thoughts on “Southwind Knights by B.E. Priest

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, Molly! You’re brave for finishing something that didn’t interest you in the beginning. I compulsively throw books aside if I’m not into it pretty quick, so I probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as you did. Hopefully it was worth your while in the end!

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