Queen of Grass and Tree (Southwind Knights #2)

wpid-wp-1400613334556.jpegJust in case you haven’t checked it out yet, my review of the first book can be found here: Southwind Knights Review Also, there will possibly be spoilers in blurb, so you’ve been warned:

Southwind is in uprising,
and Asher is lucky to escape alive.
With an orphaned Finn and the exiled Healer,
he journeys north to the Queendom’s capital.
He goes to find his mother.
He’ll find only death.


Now that you’ve done that let’s get started. Queen of Grass and Tree was a super light read for me, but an excellent chapter in the Southwind Knights Saga. While it didn’t have as much as action as its predecessor, it instead had a bit of intrigue and character building. I also love the tinge of gore that the author adds. The further the story progresses the more questions I have. I have high hopes for Asher as he continues his adventures as well as the political intrigue the author is building up too.

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