Heir Expectant (Southwind Knights #4) by B.E. Priest


So, I’m back (like Eminem in that one song). If you enjoy this blog thank people want me to beta read and this book and its author. I have reviewed every one of his books in this series and wanted to continue to do so in order to get the next installment! I’m just kidding (for the most part). Anyways, if you haven’t seen any of my other posts on Southwind Knights, I suggest starting here. Otherwise, this might contain spoilers, even though I try to be spoiler free.

As always, Priest’s editor does a fantastic job, though maybe he doesn’t have that many errors to begin with, but she deserves credit for this. I am always impressed by the cleaness of his prose. But what impresses me more is his ability to keep it in novella length. Isn’t there a quote on how it takes more skill to be concise? He does an amazing job telling a layered story in what feels like a dozen pages (it’s more than that just being hyperbolic).

However, this is a complaint as well. I want more at the end of every book. He is always leaving me frustrated that I don’t have the next book. I am never satisfied. Be glad if you didn’t start the series at the beginning and have to wait the rest of the month for the next book that just continues the cycle.

This book wasn’t as action packed or as shocking as the last installment, but it was important to the characters, Finn, in particular. I can only hope Priest makes the story a bit longer and has a few a twists Scion did. Because it has been my favorite. Until next time, happy reading!

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