I’m Molly Keeton, an aspiring blogger and writer, whose heart was stolen by books as soon as she could distinguish words. Unfortunately, I’m not as great at writing as I am reading so bear with me while I try to find words for the the books that take my breath away (which can be good or bad). I read mainly fantasy (children, young adult, and the regular kind) so that’s what you’ll find here for the most part, though I might change it up every now and then, because I read whatever strikes my fancy. 

I’m going to attempt to bring this blog back after a couple of years of stagnation, due to a new job, responsibilities, etc. I still adore books. But I’m also a lover of cats, embroidery, and video games.. and other things, but those are up there on the list right now. You might hear about a few things other than books to bear with me. 

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “About

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